Key Services


Cardiology department is equipped with latest world class equipments and highly experienced seniors and best consultant cardiologist in Nepal.

General physician

General Medicine department goes under Cardiology Department of the clinic. Our preventive health packages are most popular.


Orthopedics and trauma are one of the strongest department with the best diagnostic equipments and treatment including physiotherapy.

Gynecology & Obs

With best gynecologist in Nepal we provide all gynecology services, including regular gyne check up, women health packages, pregnancy care, etc.


“When it comes to our child we can’t compromise on anything!” This is exactly what we provide with our experienced doctor.

ear, nose, throat

ENT(ear, nose and throat) services are provided by our modern and dynamic ENT consultant doctor. We cure all the problem of throat, ear and nose.


With best Dermatologist in Nepal we provide all Skin and beauty services. We are best at removing of skin marks, allergies and rashes.


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Are you stressed out? Burned out? Unhappy? Depressed? Lots of work pressure? Negative thoughts? Our neurologist will solve them all. 


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diabetes, thyroid & endocrinology

Diabetes? Thyroid? We have highly experienced diabetes, thyroid and endocrine disease specialist to take care of you!  

Diagnostic Service


We have fully equipped the latest state of the art Digital X-ray and Ultrasound equipment. All the doctors are well-trained Radiologists and highly experienced senior consultants of Nepal.

pathology Lab

Pathology lab of our clinic in Kathmandu is the departments with maximum implementation of quality management system of ISO 9001 and ISO 15189, which makes our Lab highly reliable and Zero Error lab in Nepal.

health Packages

At APC, we strongly believe that quality health care must include two fundamental elements: appropriate treatment for current illnesses, and appropriate preventive care to minimize future health problems