Gynecology and Obstretics Department

Driven by highly qualified consultant Gynecologists. Most of our patients come for just a routine gynecology check up for women well being and Art of Aging Graciously. Gynecology checkup along with PAP smear is also our part of Gyne Health Package (GP), Executive Health Check up (EHP) and Comprehensive Advanced Medical Plan (CAMP), special preventive health packages in our clinic in Kathmandu, Nepal.
All sorts of gynecology conditions can be correctly diagnosed by our specialists with the back up of state of the art equipments. Timely diagnosed and treated accordingly. Lot of gynecological pre-cancerous conditions have been diagnosed and timely intervention prevented cancers and saved lot of lives. Infertility conditions are as well properly assessed by our gynecologists and cause of infertility defined. Lot of women were able to have baby just by simple medications and no interventions were required. Monitoring during pregnancy (antenatal) and after delivery (postnatal) care is also one of the services well appreciated by our patients.

Gynecology Services

Doctor’s Consultation (OPD)


NPR 500

PAP Smear


NPR 1200

USG Abdomen

NPR 1200

USG Breast


NPR 1500

Pregnancy Test

NPR 250

Women Health Package

NPR 5000

Aging Graciously with Advanced poly clinic

At APC, we strongly believe that quality health care must include two fundamental elements: appropriate treatment for current illnesses, and appropriate preventive care to minimize future health problems.

APC has been regularly conducting health checkup packages (full/whole body check up) for the prevention and early detection of life-threatening diseases. Cancer prevention and early detection of Breast, uterus, cervical and ovarian Cancers.